• Significant ideas are conveyed through conscientious abstraction; it is only through artifice that a sense of artistic realism can be accessed. My work is concerned with the human condition and of creating empathetic connections through two dimensional conversations. I use my body as a visual language; obsessively working through self portraiture in hopes of finding honesty and enough vulnerability to tap into the universal limitations of being a human. As a woman under the social pressures of maintaining composure and attractiveness, there is strength in constantly looking at and rendering one’s own figure. Doing so has developed a sense of ownership and understanding of my only vessel and greatest strength. I hope for my work to convey my own frustrations, joys, heartbreaks, and superpowers that come from owning a female body.

    My paintings depict intimate spaces and private moments as an invitation for what at first may be voyeurism but has the potential to be a genuine emotional understanding. They create the illusion of time passing while acknowledging their own stillness by describing a dialogue between the figure and the environment that it inhabits. The ephemeral quality of the figures coupled with cinematic stylistics allow for this static while maintaining moments of firmness. The grounded points of a painting, the solidness of an object or an engaged stare, anchor the less tethered emotional content. Recognizable illusions are necessary partners for the most elusive expressions of the human condition.